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Liturgy for Parents Day (26th / 27th July)

Prepared for the Archdiocese of Bombay by Fr. Reuben Tellis


Theme: PARENTS – seeking treasure in the Eucharist with the family
1st Reading: 1 Kings 3: 5.7-12  /  2nd Reading: Romans 8: 28-30  /  Gospel: Matthew 13: 44-52

We welcome you to this Eucharist celebrating Parents’ Day. We thank God for the gift of our parents, who help us seek treasure in the Eucharist and inspire us to live in its fullness, through our joys and struggles. We stand and welcome the celebrant.

-  Children always reflect the physical and behavioural characteristics of parents.

-  People recognise children by physical features, like looks, the colour of the skin, and so on as well as by behaviour, like identical actions, way of dressing, speaking, eating habits and even posture.

-  Solomon, in the first reading, requests God for the gift of wisdom. We realise that Solomon is aware of the goodness of God because surely his father David has shared this knowledge with him. Solomon’s humility in his request reflects his father’s own humility before God.

-  St. Paul, in the second reading, reminds us that God co-operates with those who love him. Parents have an important responsibility in co-operating with God’s work. As co-creators with God, they bring life into the world in their children. As transmitters of the faith, they infuse a sense of the divine in their children. They also transmit a system of values, discipline and all that is required for good living.

-  Catholic parents have a special responsibility in helping their children seek treasure in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the prayer of the community that gathers together to hear the Word, to pray, to receive Jesus in Holy Communion and to be sent forth to proclaim the Good News.

-  The value that the parents ascribe to the Eucharist becomes evident when their children value it as important for their own living. So parents need to visibly and actively participate in the Eucharist and celebrate it in their own lives as a family.

-  The Eucharist is a pearl of great price and parents need to reflect its value in the manner in which they prepare for the Eucharist, are punctual for the celebration, participate in the singing and praying, are attentive to the Word, receive Holy Communion in the right disposition and are empowered to share the Good News with others.

-  Parents can develop a right attitude towards the Eucharistic Celebration by planning and preparing together – by reading the word and reflecting on it in advance, by setting aside money together for charity, by preparing a list of intentions to pray for...and after the Eucharist to work on a plan for the week, to practice Eucharistic spirituality as a family.

-  In the words of the Psalm we find a possible prayer of a parent!

CEL: As we thank you O Lord for the gift of parents, we also lift them up to you in prayer as we seek Your blessings on them. Give them the strength they need to be witnesses of Your love and seekers of treasure as Eucharistic people.

Our response is: Loving Father, hear our prayer

  1. That Pope Francis, the Bishops, Priests and Religious all over the world may always inspire the people entrusted to their care to seek the treasure to be found in the Eucharist...we pray to the Lord....

  2. That parents may continue to be valuable transmitters of faith and values to their children, as they cooperate with God’s purpose at all times...we pray to the Lord...

  3. That grand-parents may recognise their worth as useful collaborators in family life, as they create an environment of care and concern for their loved ones...we pray to the Lord....

  4. That families experiencing difficulties in their relationship may seek timely help to help heal the wounds and the pain of a fractured existence...we pray to the Lord...

  5. That those parents who have died may enjoy eternal life in the Lord’s forgiving and loving bosom...we pray to the Lord....

  6. We pray for our personal and local needs...we pray to the Lord...

Lord, we thank you for listening to the prayers we make with deep faith in You and in Your Son Jesus who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.


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