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Discussion paper - How the Mumbai gang rape affects us

(A Discussion Paper for Parish groups and families)

Sexual violence affects both women and men, though women bear the brunt of it in our society. In this session we look at a more extreme form of such violence, one that is increasingly being reported and debated in the media. Rape affects us all. Both the raped and the rapist are products of our society which we shape with our attitudes, cultures and actions. Thus all of us, in some way, contribute to this social evil. The recent gang rape in Mumbai has brought the issue into our homes, and has the potential to affect our movement, our dress, our peace of mind and our parenting.  This discussion paper helps us to deal with rape and its fall out.  It focuses on what rape means, the deep scars it leaves on the victims and society, and the need to find ways to combat and deal with it. Share the report given below of the recent Mumbai rape with your SCC group, family, youth group, association/organization, or workshop group.  Discuss each point proceeding from the report, making sure that each member of the group has a chance to respond. Remember, everyone’s point of view is just as important. Since the issue is a sensitive one this paper contains disturbing information. However, we cannot brush these issues under the carpet; our children are at risk.


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