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Two Nuns Receive Missionary Mandate

Jan. 5, 2014

Two religious women belonging to the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, PIME received the missionary mandate to the Church of South Brazil on January 04 from the Apostolic Administrator Bishop Govindu Joji   at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Vijayawada. The event also included final profession of five other Sisters. They made their final vows in the hand of their Provincial, Sr. Marina and were gifted with rings which marked their permanent betrothal to Christ their Lord.

 The world today needs such courageous examples of people who dedicate their entire lives to the Gospel and to the works of Christian Mission, said the Bishop in his homily presiding over the Eucharistic Celebration of the day.

He urged the parents to pray for their children as the religious need the grace of God to sustain themselves to remain as fires in the religious life.

The seven nuns signed a document stating their intent to follow Christ and keeping it on the altar in front of hundreds of their relatives gathered for this public function.

Filled to capacity, St. Paul’s Cathedral was tastefully decorated with Gospel quotations and festal symbols and the choir chanted hymns matching to the sentiments of departure to preach the Word of God.

Source: CBCI website

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