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Salesian asks civil servants "to be the change”

Sept. 4, 2013

Salesian provincial of Guwahati told a group of civil servants that they are best positioned to bring about social change and village development. Some 60 members of the Assam Civil Service, undergoing induction program at Assam Administrative Staff College Guwahati spent Sept. 4 at the Salesian Provincial House. Father V.M. Thomas, provincial and popular trainer with Indian Administrative and Police Service was the chief resource person.

“You are the people with access to resources, decision making and influence, and you can be the change” he told the young recruits who will pan out to all the districts of Assam. The state does not lack human and material resources. “We have the best and forward looking policies in place,” said the priest listing the many welfare schemes for the poor." He described them as ‘part of the steel frame of the state, who if they wish, could transform the society.”

The Salesian showed poor implementation as the main cause of lack of development. "The outlay and disbursements of funds takes place so slow, that too often the funds do not percolate to the panchayats and some 30 to 40 percent funds return unused.

Source: UCAN

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