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Press Statement on the burning of St. Sebastian's Church

Dec. 11, 2014

Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, was deeply pained and shocked at the news of the fire that gutted St. Sebastian's Church, Dilshad Garden, East Delhi and the reported information that it is an arson attack. Cardinal Oswald said "The arson attack should be strongly condemned and that cannot be condoned. It threatens the development of our nation".


Cardinal Gracias and the entire Archdiocese of Bombay have offered their prayerful support to Bp. Anil Couto, the Archdiocese of Delhi and the Priests and parishioners of St. Sebastian’s. The Cardinal also said  "I request the authorities to significantly speed up apprehending those responsible and charge them under stringent sections of the law All Places of worship  in India must be respected in our mutli-religious society and the authorities must remain on the watch to prevent the recurrence of such traumatic incidents, which are sources of division  and destabilization of the society   and  detrimental to national integrity and the harmony of the nation. This attack on the Place of worship goes against the very progress and development of the nation"

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