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Oswald Cardinal Gracias responds to Mr. Bhagwats statement on Mother Teresa

Feb. 24, 2015



I am deeply pained and saddened that Mr. Mohan Bhagwat could make such a remark about Mother Teresa, a person loved and revered by all Indians and indeed the world over.




I met Mother Teresa many times and I sensed the great joy she felt when she reached out to the poorest of the poor, the sick, the abandoned and the dying - indeed everyone who met her has expressed this. One would only need to visit any of the Homes of Mother Teresa's Sisters (Missionaries of Charity)  to witness their tremendous selfless service. Mr. Bhagwat, apparently, does not know Mother Teresa and is totally misinformed.




Such statements are unfortunate because, besides being inaccurate they also cause damage to the harmony and goodwill between people of different religions. I do hope Mr. Bhagwat retracts his statement.




+Oswald Cardinal Gracias


Archbishop Of Bombay



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