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Hindi publication launched for faith formation

March 3, 2014

The Agra Regional Bible Institute has launched a quarterly Hindi magazine for Catholics in northern India, which publishers said fills a long-felt need of the Church in the region.

Bishop Anthony Fernandez of Bareilly, chairman of the Agra Regional Bible Institute (ARBI), launched Logos, the multicoloured 28-page publication last Friday. The function also commemorated the first death anniversary of Fr. Thomas D'sa, who founded the Bible institute.

Logos fills a gap in the evangelization needs of the Church. It is meant to help local Catholics study the Word of God in their own language," said Father Babu Chriayath, ARBI director in a report. Father Chirayath said although managed and published by ARBI, the publication aims to help Catholics all across the Hindi-speaking areas of northern India. It is meant to be a catalyst in evangelization, he said.

The publication costs only 15 rupees a copy and contains articles on Biblical and Christian experiences. The magazine is published in collaboration with Catholic Bible Institute Mumbai and Prerna Communications, Indore. It has a page dedicated to Pope Francis, whom the promoters called "our new champion, and the Man of the Year of Time Magazine."

Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal, chairman of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences' Office of the Social Communication, welcomed the publication in its Facebook Page with a message: "congratulations to Logos for being born in Hindi"

The general body meeting of Indian Catechetical Association (ICA) early this month deliberated on the theme "Liturgy and Catechesis" and concluded the need for "an on-going faith formation leading to a meaningful Eucharistic celebration."

Such a formation should "helps us to discover the meaning of the liturgy through a formal catechesis." said a statement issued after the meeting. "In this context, liturgy should always remain as one of the permanent sources of catechesis," it added.

The statement said liturgy and catechesis are inseparable "for an enriched God experience" and stressed "the need to rejuvenate ourselves and others." Father Chirayath, who served a six-year term as the Secretary of ICA, said the new publication is a "firm step towards the ongoing catechetical formation" of the people in northern India.

Source: UCAN

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