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Goan Church seeks justice for poor

Aug. 18, 2013

The Church in Goa has demanded that the poor, marginalized and vulnerable should be the primary beneficiaries of all government facilities for potable water, sanitation, food, maintenance of good health and integral education. The demand came in a press release as the Church observed August 18 as 'Justice and Peace Sunday," the Times of India reported.

The Council for social justice and peace (CSJP) in the archdiocese said that people should ask the government to fulfill a number of demands; these include the demand that the fragile environment and ecology from the Ghats to the shoreline of entire Goa are fully and physically protected, preserved and promoted, banning all projects that disturb and destroy our natural wealth. The government should ensure that the economy of the state is used for healthy and necessary development of all civic facilities for the citizens and that no funds are directed for the benefit of only those in power.

The government must ensure that all traditional occupations in Goa, especially agriculture and horticulture are encouraged, promoted and maintained with financial assistance where genuinely necessary. Those guilty of violating the rights of the citizens in all aspects of justice, freedom, communal harmony and equality are condemned as well as encouraged to reconcile and begin a new life in society, stated the CSJP press release.

Source: UCAN


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