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Christian philosophers debate developmental issues

Oct. 31, 2013

Development that is conceived and practiced today is equivocal, complex, ambiguous and paradoxical process having deep-rooted political bases and consequences, says a group of Christian philosophers. The member of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI) deliberated on the Dynamics of Development: Negations and Negotiations during the 38th Annual Research Seminar at St. Charles Seminary in Nagpur.  The ACPI members noted “the stark and shocking realities” of human rights violations both at the national and international arena. The meeting observed that there have been forceful displacement, coercive migration, exile and loss of land, resulting in uprootedness from one’s life-world and culture.

“We acknowledge the marginalization of women in the course of historical development including that of the knowledge production of human beings. This challenges us to be sensitive to gender issues, affirming that women and men are different and equal partners in our collective human search for significance and self-actualization,” the ACPI said in a statement. The members noted that there is a need to. We realize the need to respond to scientific and technological developments and to their enhancing as well as devastating consequences, since they affect every dimension of our life.  “Such technological progress demands that both individually and collectively, we need to widen our moral and spiritual consciousness,” the statement said.

The meeting noted that development should be based on an integral understanding of the human person, thus upholding the freedom and dignity of humans by responsibly appropriating the findings of economics and geopolitics.

 Source: UCAN

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