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Young Muslim: We can only rebuild Egypt together with Christians

Aug. 21, 2013

The arrest of Mohammed Badie, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, has sparked a new round of criticism from Western countries and Turkey against the military hard line, which so far has claimed the lives of 900 people. International press restrict their reporting of the conflict to the leading factions, pitting the army against the Islamists who continue to incite their followers to violent protest.   The real outcome of this war of words are the hundreds of dead in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, many considered martyrs of the Revolution, as well as attacks against Christians who  have become a scapegoat for the defeat and the fall in popularity of Muslim Brotherhood elected in 2011.

What is really happening in Egypt? What is the reality for those who are not divided along political or religious lines? Mohamed Elhariry, a young Muslim businessman from Cairo, speaks to AsiaNews about the growing unity between Muslims and Christians who want to rebuild a nation where different ethnicities and religions have lived together for 1400 years. All of us Muslims were impressed by the attitude of Catholics, Coptic Orthodox and Protestant victims of the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Christians did not ask for help from other countries of the same religion, instead they believed in themselves and in the Egyptian people. Everything that is happening in Egypt remains in Egypt. In contrast, the Muslim Brotherhood has made the rounds of the various Departments of State and put pressure on the interim government chosen by the various components of the Egyptian society.

We Muslims offered to protect churches and religious buildings, but our Christian brothers and sisters said: "Do not waste your souls, they are so precious to us. We have closed these buildings for now. Together we will rebuild our churches once we have eradicated terrorism." I am convinced that what is sacred to one of my neighbors is also sacred for me. I have respect for him and his free will.

Source: Asia News


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