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Pope Francis at the general audience: “God is greater than our sin!”

April 2, 2016

Pope Francis concluded his catechesis on the mercy in the Old Testament during a busy general audience.
Despite the heavy security, the influx of pilgrims was great and the atmosphere during the general audience kept a particularly festive tone.
Pope Francis reflected on one of the most famous psalms, the "Miserere:” a psalm dedicated to repentance. Forgiveness, said the Pope, is the real need of man and the only one who can forgive their sin, however, great it is, is God.
POPE FRANCIS "Whatever we can reproach ourselves. He is still greater than all of us because God is greater than our sin.”
The Pope said that God's forgiveness is real. It is a forgiveness that completely eliminates the traces of sin because reconciliation is plentiful. God is not spiteful.
POPE FRANCIS "He does not hide the sins, he destroys them. Deletes them and then clears them from the root. Not like they do in the dry cleaners when we remove the stain from our clothing. No. God removes our sin from the root, completely.”
The Pope concluded by saying that the forgiven sinner has an important mission: to help others to sin no more because all are in need of God's mercy.

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