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Connecting and Communicating in Faith

July 14, 2016

Under this segment, we bring to you matters concerning the Church both on a global and national (even local) level. This will serve to enlighten you by communicating current affairs and events, with updates on a weekly basis, thus keeping you connected with the Church all across the globe. 

It is well known that Pope Francis strongly believes that inclusiveness among all peoples is the solution to the problems the world faces today. This is manifest in his prayer request for July: “Respect for Indigenous People” – those whose identity and existence are threatened. We are called to join hands with him and reach out to them – after all, recognition and support is all they need. Watch the video here:

In light of the war in Syria,  Pope Francis has advocated the “Syria: Peace is Possible” campaign by Caritas Internationalis. The campaign, in addition to praying for Syria, seeks to implement corrective measures by urging governments and people all around the world to find a political solution to the war. To know more about this campaign, visit the link:

Here’s the inspiration you’ve been looking for! While teens in the US are striking off items on their bucket list, an18-year-old with Down Syndrome, Kara Jackson, crosses the 40th State (of 50) off her list of States in the US of A. Her aim is to serve Mass in every State and fulfill what she perceives as her God-given mission, persisting despite difficulties in the form of finance and health.


World Youth Day 2016
With the World Youth Day 2016 just around the corner, youth from all around the world are gearing up in anticipation.
US -

Canada -,000_canadian_youth_going_to_krakow_for_wyd_2016_/1242550

India -

In related WYD news, an all-day youth festival at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC will bring a taste of the WYD at Krakow with catechesis, talks, prayers, Stations of the Cross, a Vigil Mass, concert and more! The aim is to ‘bridge’ young Catholics together across several time zones in a shared experience of faith with the Holy Father. For more details, read here:

Additionally, the WYD’s young pilgrims can expect a special gift from Pope Francis –a social doctrine app (DoCat), which intends to present the Church’s teaching in a creative style in order to attract the youth. It will be launched on July 23rd at Krakow.


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