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Bible Day in Bangladesh to put God at the centre of one's life

Dec. 10, 2013

The Catholic Church in Bangladesh celebrated 'Bible Day' to develop the faithful's understanding of the Holy Scriptures and the values ??of the Gospel. The event was held on Sunday, feast day of the Immaculate Conception, across the country, ending a course in Biblical studies that began on 8 November in all the dioceses and parishes of Bangladesh.

"Who created the earth? The Creator, Almighty God," said Mgr James Boiragi Romen (pictured), bishop of Khulna and head of the Episcopal Commission for the Catechetic and Biblical Apostolate. "We must know Him, we must listen to Him and glorify Him," he told AsiaNews.

"In order to free ourselves from sin we must know God's truth. We crave for unknown things. We have a lot of questions. We have a desire for God. The sacred texts help us to know God Almighty, so we should read and study the Bible."

The prelate noted that every member of the Church of Bangladesh contributed to the month-long Sacred Scripture study, which ended in final day of learning. "Promoting the Bible is the best way to discover the truth, meet God and learn to live our lives," Bishop Boiragi said.

Rozario, a layman of 55, took part in the initiative. "The Bible is the Word of God," he said. "It helps us fit the Lord into our everyday life as well as understand [and distinguish] what is right from what is wrong."

Established in 1970, the Episcopal Commission for Catechetic and Biblical Apostolate has translated the sacred texts into the languages of Bangladesh. It has also helped train Christian catechists and Christian religious teachers working in Catholic schools.


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