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Visit to the RBI Coin Museum

Aug. 3, 2013

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, around 30 Altar Servers of the Cathedral of Holy Name, Fort, visited the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Monetary Museum, Fort, together with Fr Navin Mendonca and some parishioners.

The tour began with a presentation explaining the genesis of monetary transactions and their evolution till the present day use of currency in India. The presentation enlightened the children about the history of banks and the printing/stamping of currency over the last few centuries. After the presentation, the group moved towards the Hall of Coins. The Hall had separate divisions, each displaying coins and other modes of exchange from different times and from different princely states. The children were amazed to see the different types of exchange used in  the barter system and the different coins used by the different rulers in India, from the first coinage till the present day. The children were curious and asked many questions..

Also on display were old calculators the size of typewriters. There was also a machine which was used to deface fake coins. The photographs of the Governors of RBI were also displayed. After touring the entire room, the children were asked questions, which they answered correctly.

After the Museum tour, the group made its way to the nearby Asiatic Library, where they had a small photo session on the stairs. The group then proceeded to the Horniman Circle Garden opposite the Asiatic Library. Fr. Navin told them about the history of the Garden. The children played to their hearts’ content and the trip ended on a happy note.

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