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Mumbai divided on welfare policy for elderly

Oct. 7, 2013

The city is divided on the way the state plans to implement its senior citizens’ welfare policy.  With a view to allow senior citizens to live a life of dignity, the policy will ensure health, security and housing for the elderly. The government proposes to expose those who harass, torture or exploit their elderly parents, by publishing their names in newspapers.

While the policy has been widely welcomed, the use of negative reinforcement has got people debating.  Spokesperson of the Catholic Church, Fr Anthony Charanghat said, “The problem lies in our education system, which is drifting away from religious and humanitarian values. Shaming adult children would cause more hatred and defiance against parents.”

Youngsters feel that forcing the children into such a thing may not be the right way to deal with the problem. “Parents won’t complain because this will be made public and this could result in them being sidelined. A hefty fine would be more effective,” said Anubhav Rattan, a media professional.  “The start is good; we will push for an amendment to lower the age of those covered to 60,” said Prakash Borgaonkar, regional director of HelpAge India.

Source: DNA newspaper

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