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Clergy Home celebrates Vianney Sunday

Aug. 15, 2013

The Young Pauline Collaborators did their best on the evening of Vianney Sunday, not only to entertain the ailing and ageing clergy of the Archdiocese, at Clergy Home, Bandra, but also to give them a beautiful reminder of their vocation to the priesthood. After singing the feast day song, they had some action songs that enthused one of the elderly priests to join them. Enacting the well-known poem, ‘The Beautiful Hands of a Priest’, that brings out the various sacraments in action, they requested the smiling priests to share any experience they remembered of their sacramental ministry. One of the priests shared his joy of administering the Anointing of the Sick.

The Young Pauline Collaborators tied Friendship Day bands on all the priests. They gave away spot prizes, to the one who knew the most Indian languages, the youngest and eldest priest, etc. After the programme, Emeritus Bishop Ferdinand Fonseca rendered a heart-warming vote of thanks to the group. Fr Ubaldo Baretto (Administrator) profusely thanked the youth for their efforts to make the day special. 

Source: The Examiner

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