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CBCI Deplores the blasphemous news item published in yesterday’s “Times of India”

Nov. 12, 2014

New Delhi: November 12, 2014

 The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India deplores and strongly condemns the blasphemous news item, published in the “Times of India” November 11, 2014, edition, that Jesus married the prostitute Mary Magdalene and had two children. It further contains derogatory and obscene comments about the mother of Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary. This news item, released from London, seems to be based on a 1500 year old manuscript, named as “Lost Gospel”, found in the British Museum.

 It is not for the first time that such obnoxious stories appear in the media about Jesus Christ and other Religious founders and sacred persons. None of these stories can change the history, nor can it shatter the faith of millions of people around the world who accept and adore Jesus Christ as son of God and the Redeemer of Human Race, and Venerate Blessed Mary as the most chaste Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ.

 The life of Jesus Christ and the life of Blessed Virgin Mary as found in the four gospels, written by the disciples and contemporaries of Jesus and supported by the Tradition, handed down from generation to generation through the last 20 centuries, have withstood such nefarious attempts to tarnish the image of Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother. The fate of this news item, aimed at creating chaos and confusion will not be a different one either.

 The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India exhorts the faithful not to be carried away by these nefarious attempts to tarnish the sacred image of Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary. Any hideous attempt to distort the truth and weaken the faith will have its shameful end. While expressing our deep anguish over such blasphemous attempts against our Lord and Master and our Mother and Guide, we should pray that better sense will prevail on such people, who by distorting the truth do great harm to our faith and great disservice to humanity at large.  

Fr. Joseph Chinnayyan
Spokesperson, CBCI

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