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1st helpline to update voter’s card

Feb. 20, 2014

Around 40 lakh voters in the Mumbai region, comprising the island city, suburbs and Thane & Raigad districts, are yet to update their status by enlisting themselves properly on the voters’ list to ensure correct voter ID cards. To update their status, residents can contact helpline numbers or use a messaging service, the first such initiative launched by the election commission (EC).     

As a last resort to prove their identity, on the poll day, voters can furnish relevant documents to polling officers who will use their discretion and allow them to vote.     

The EC has taken the assistance of a call centre to operate a 24x7 helpline number and SMS service to help citizens confirm their voting status. A scrutiny has seen deletion of nearly 23 lakh voters from the Mumbai region, nearly 8 lakh being from the suburbs and Thane district each and nearly 3 to 4 lakh from the island city and Raigad each.   

“Residents need to have a correct voters’ ID card and proper name enlisted. Through the helpline or SMS, once voters find discrepancies, they will have to approach polling booths to get their details corrected. They will have to fill forms and attach ID proofs. The facility will be on till 10 days before the last date for filing nominations,” said island city collector Shaila A, adding the services are already on.   

According to sources, there are around 40 lakh ‘residual voters’ who either have names on the list but no ID card, or have no name on the list or may have to correct the entry. “There are 2.5 lakh such voters in the island city, 17 lakh in the suburbs, and 16 lakh in Thane district. Raigad has 3 lakh such entries,” said a source. To check voters’ status, people can call on 1950 & 22621950 or message to 9869889966. “A separate section at polling booths will handle the Absent-Shifted-Dead list of electorate and help voters correct the details,” said a source.


Call to check status | 1950 & 22621950 
SMS service | Type EPICID (Space) voter card number; send it to 9869889966. After learning about discrepancies, voters will have to approach nearby polling booths to update the details.

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