Archdiocesan Bodies


The Diocesan curia consists of “those institutions and persons which assist the bishop in the governance of the whole diocese, especially in guiding pastoral action, in caring for the administration of the Diocese"

Canon 469

The Archdiocesan curia is the ensemble of departments or ministries, which assist the Archbishop in the governing of the Archdiocese. It is the Archbishop who appoints those who exercise offices within the Curia and it is the Bishop's responsibility to see to it that all matters which concern the administration of the entire Archdiocese are duly coordinated and arranged in such a manner that the good of the portion of God's people entrusted to him is more suitably attained. The Curia of the Archdiocese of Bombay is situated at

21, Nathalal Parekh Marg
Mumbai 400 001        
Tel no: 2202-1093/-1193/-1293
Fax: 2285-3872

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 13.00 hrs; 15.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Saturday: 9.00 - 13.00 hrs.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Vicars General

In accordance with the Code of Canon Law the Vicar General assists the Bishop in the governance of the whole of the diocese. The vicar general reports to the diocesan bishop the more important affairs that are to be handled or have been handled, and he is never to act contrary

Most Rev. Agnelo Gracias, Most Rev. Dominic Savio Fernandes (special charge of the Laity & Family Apostolate), Most Rev. John Rodrigues

Episcopal Vicars:
Most Rev. Percival J. Fernandez (for Religious)
Most Rev. Bosco Penha
Most Rev. Agnelo R. Gracias (for SCCs)
Most Rev. Dominic S. Fernandes (for Laity)
Most Rev. John Rodrigues (for Youth) 
Msgr. William Nazareth (for Marriages)
Fr. Caesar D’Mello (South Mumbai and North Mumbai Deaneries)
Fr. Allwyn D’Silva (Kurla and Thane Deaneries)
Fr. Felix D’Souza (North Mumbai and Kurla Deaneries)
Fr Barthol S. Machado (Borivli and Bhayandar Deaneries)
Fr Harold Vaz (Central Suburbs and Andheri Deaneries)

 By Canon Law, “As often as the correct governance of the diocese requires it, the Diocesan Bishop can also appoint one or several Episcopal Vicars, who possess the same ordinary power which the universal law gives to a Vicar General either in a determined section of the diocese or in a certain type of business or over the faithful of a determined rite or over certain groups of persons. While a Vicar General possesses executive authority in all aspects of Diocesan administration not reserved to the Bishop himself, the Episcopal Vicar, by virtue of his office, enjoys executive authority solely in regard to a specific type of activity or a particular group of persons. The Episcopal Vicar's area of responsibility and the extent of his authority are established in the decree appointing him, as are matters, which the Bishop reserves to himself. The appointment of an Episcopal Vicar is optional, and as with the Vicar General, is at the discretion of the Bishop. Both the Vicar General and the Episcopal Vicar are appointed for a specific time, mentioned in the letter of appointment. When the Diocese has no bishop, the office of Vicar General and Episcopal Vicar cease to continue.”

Chancellor: Fr.Neil Dos Santos
Vice-chancellor: Fr. Emmanuel K.T.

By Canon Law, “In each curia, a Chancellor is to be appointed, whose principal office, unless particular law states otherwise, is to ensure that the acts of the curia are drawn up and dispatched, and that they are kept safe in the archive of the curia. (Canon 482.1) The Chancellor, whose signature authenticates public documents, is the official notary of the curia. (Canons 482.3 and 483.1) Code of Canon Law 482-491


The Chancery in our Diocese

The Chancellor is duly delegated to grant dispensations and various other permissions (i.e., adult Baptisms, Confirmations, reception in full communion with the Catholic Church, correction of names, granting 'testimonial letters' (litterae testimoniales) for marriages celebrated abroad, issuing 'no objection certificate' (nihilobstat) for those marriages whose marriage papers were processed abroad). Other works concerning general administration and general enquiries are also dealt with in the Chancery.

The preparation of documents regarding other canonical requirements (such as appointments and receptions into full communion with the Church), the issuing of faculties, celebrets and ordination certificates, and other more general administrative and general enquiries, are also dealt with in the Chancery.

The Chancellor is duly delegated to grant permissions and dispensations.


Finance Department

Financial Advisor to the Archbishop: Mr. Mario S. Colaco

Financial Administrator: Fr. M. Sunder Albuquerque.

Assistant to the Financial Administrator: Fr. Avin Franklin

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 09.00 - 13.00 hrs; 14.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Saturday:          09.00 - 13.00 hrs.
Closed on:        Sundays and Public Holidays.                                                                                                                                         Email:      

Main Objective Assist the Archbishop in the administration of finances of the Archdiocese in accordance with Canon Law. 

The Archbishop has appointed his Financial Advisor and the Financial Administrator.

The Finance Department has Sections dealing with Banking and Finance, Parish & Archdiocesan Institutions related Finances, Properties, Civil Construction and Repairs, Human Resources, and Statutory Compliances with Government.

The Archdiocesan Finance Committee (AFC) is appointed by the Archbishop in accordance with Church Law (Canons 492-493).  Members of the Archdiocesan Finance Committee are selected for their expertise in matters including finance, law and civil engineering.

The members of the Archdiocesan Finance Committee are:

Advocate Joaquim Reis (Chairman), Fr M Sunder Albuquerque (Secretary), Fr Elias D'Cunha, Mrs BazleJoan Manohar, Mario Nazareth, Mr. Julius Chagas Pereira, Mr. Eric Pereira.

The Parish Finance Committee (PFC) is an advisory body to the Parish Priest required by Canon Law.  The Parish Finance  Committee comprises three to five persons, selected for their technical knowledge and expertise, appointed by the Parish Priest for a three year term which may be renewed.

Stages of approval for parish expenditure for projects ranging:

  1. between Rs 50,000 to Rs 4,00,000- require Parish Finance Committee’s approval.
  2. between Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 and above – require PFC recommendation and Archbishop’s approval
  3. exceeding Rs 10,00,000 - The Archbishop consults the Archdiocesan Finance Committee and the College of Consultors before granting his approval of a project recommended by the PFC.


Statutory Government compliance:  Parish and Archdiocesan Institutions are registered under the Public Charitable Trust Act or with the Registrar of Societies.  Each registered Trust / Society follows government compliances of an Annual Audit, filing statutory requirements of Income Tax, Profession Tax, Service Tax, Employees Provident Fund and FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulations Act) where applicable.

ADD: College of Consultors
          Diocesan Estate Office


Metropolitan Tribunal

The Metropolitan Tribunal is the vicariate established by canon law as the judicial arm of the archbishop's government of the archdiocese. As such, it is the court system of the Church and the canonical forum for the resolution of legal questions arising from the activity of the Church and of the faithful.

The Office of the Tribunal:
Ground Floor,
Archbishop’s House,
21, Nathalal Parekh Marg,
Mumbai 400 001        
Tel no: 2202-1093/-1193/-1293
Fax: 2285-3872 

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 13.00 hrs; 14.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Saturday: 9.00 - 13.00 hrs.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


The Officials of the Marriage Tribunal:
Judicial vicar: Fr. K.T. Emmanuel
Judges: Msgr.William Nazareth, Fr.Jervis D'Souza,
Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes, Fr.Emmanuel K.T.,
Fr.John P. Lobo, Fr.Bernard Rodricks. 
Associate judges:  Fr.Joseph Feliu SJ, Msgr.Nereus Rodrigues.
Defenders of the Bond: Fr.Neil dos Santos, Fr.Felix D'Souza, Fr. Lester Vaz  


Archdiocesan Secretariat


21, Nathalal Parekh Marg      
Mumbai 400 001        
Tel no: 2202-1093/-1193/-1293
Fax: 2285-3872

Secretary to the Archbishop: Fr. Emmanuel K.T.
Additional Secretary: Fr. Jervis D’souza
Office Assistant: Mr.Ludgar Ferreira. 
Receptionist: Sr.Rose Vaz PSOL
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 13.00 hrs; 15.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Saturday: 9.00 - 13.00 hrs.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


Archdiocesan Pastoral Council


A lay advisory group seeking to represent the parishes to the Archbishop of Bombay, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council is comprised of members appointed by Archbishop. Members of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) are called to assist in developing a pastoral vision and help in shaping the future of the Church.

Mary Dell 1, Flat No 19, III Floor
Soonawalla Agiary Marg
Mahim, Mumbai 400 016                                                                                                                                                                              

President: Oswald Cardinal Gracias 
Vice President: Mr Royston Braganza
Secretary: Ms Alison Rosario


Ex-Officio members:
Oswald Cardinal Gracias,
Bishop Agnelo R. Gracias,
Emeritus Bishop Percival J. Fernandez,
Emeritus Bishop Bosco Penha,
Bishop John Rodrigues (Rector of St. Pius College, Goregaon)
Msgr. William E. Nazareth.(Epis. Vicar for Marriages),
Fr. Caesar D’Mello .(Epis. Vicar )
Fr. Allwyn D’Silva .(Epis. Vicar),
Fr. Felix D’souza .(Epis.Vicar),
Fr. Barthol S. Machado .(Epis. Vicar),
Fr. Harold Vaz (Epis.Vicar),
Fr. Sunder Albuquerque(Financial Adm.),
Fr. Joaquim D’Costa (Rector Pastoral Centre),
Fr. Hilary Fernandes (Muktisagar Prahodhan Kendra),
Fr.Anthony Charanghat (Editor;Examiner),
Fr. S.M Michael SVD(Inter Religious Dialogue Commission),
Fr. Cajetan Menezes (Family Commission,)
Fr. Lancy Pinto (Justice& Peace),
Fr. Anthony J. Fernandes (Youth) ,
Fr. Aniceto Pereira (Office for the Laity),
Fr. Mario Mendes (Centre for Social Action)
Fr. Terence Murray (Catechetics),
Mr. Elvin Colaco (SCC Commission),
Fr. Fritzgerald Fernandes(Biblical Committee)
Dr. Valarie D’Souza(Liturgy Committee),
Mr. Francis Fernandes(Workers apostolate Centre)
Mr. Willie Shirsat (Church in the City),
Ms. Marcia D’Cunha (Womens Commission),
Fr. Gregory Lobo (Board Of Education),
To be appointed (Diocesan Human Life Committee) .



a.  Lay Faithful (according to Deaneries and Parishes) 

Section 1: South Mumbai Deanery
Mr. Ainsley Miranda(Byculla),
Mr. Melroy Rodrigues(Cavel)
Ms. Perpetua Miranda(Cumballa Hill)
Ms. Agnes Fernandes (Dabul),
Ms. Margaret Da Costa( Fort :H. Name)
Mr. Valerian Rebello (Fort: St.John),
Ms. Lorraine Aguiar(Girguam)
Ms. Avita Franco (Mandvi) ,
Mr. Martin Cardoso (Mazagaon: Rosary),
Ms. Maria Peres(Mazagaon: St. Anne)
Ms. Rosy D’Souza (Sonapur),
Ms. Ransom D’souza(Umerkhadi).


Section 2: North Mumbai Deanery
Mr. Bosco Fernandes( Dadar St Paul),
Mr. Alfred Nogueira (Dadar: Salvation),
Mr. Thavamani (Dharavi),
Mr. Joseph Braganza(Jacob Circle),
Ms. Blesila Pereira (Lower Parel),
Mr. Eric Pinto (Mahim :Victories),
Ms. Rita D’Sa (Mahim: St. Michael),
Ms. Maria D’Souza(Sewri),
Mr. Henry D’Souza(Sion :Good Counsel),
Mr. Vijay Salunkhe(Sion:Lourdes),
Mr. Savio Noronha(WadalaE:Dominic Savio),
Ms. Maria Fonseca(Wadala W:Dolours),
Ms. Ashwini Worlikar(Worli).


Section 3: Bandra Deanery                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. Jackson John(Bandra E: ),
Ms. Daphne Sardinha (Mount Carmel),
Mr. Felix fernandes(St.Andrews),
Mr. OscarCardoz (st. Anne),
Mr. Sunil Rebello(St. Peter),
Mr. Royston Braganza (St. Theresa),
Ms. Alison Rosario (St Vincent de Paul).


Section 4: Central Suburbs Deanery
Ms. Carol Pereira( Irla),
Mr. Cajetan Mendes(Juhu),
Mr. Larson Fernandes (Juhu Tara),
Mr. Roland Pereira(Kalina),
Mr.Ryan Pereira,(Santa Cruz),
Mr. David Joseph(Vakola),
Mr. Gilroy D’souza (Vile Parle).


Section 5: Andheri Deanery
Ms. Olive Pereira(Andheri E: Holy Family),
Mr. Michael Rodrigues (Andheri E : Sacred Heart),
Ms. Joy D’Souza(Andheri W : Good Shepherd),
Mr. Ashwin D’Mello(St. Blaise),
Mr. Navin D’Souza (Jogeshwari E:),
Mr. Joseph Fernandes (Jogeshwari W),
Ms Anita D’Mello (Marol: St. John),
Mr. Ronald Goveas (Marol: Vincent Palloti),
Mr. Ivor Sequeira (Sahar),
Ms. Maria Fernandes (Versova).


Section 6: Borivli Deanery
Mr. Xavier Fernandes (Borivli E),
Ms. Cheryl Gracias(Borivli W: Imm.C),
Mr. Renwick D’Silva (Borivli St. John),
Mr. Thomas D’Souza (Dahisar),
Mr. Savio Abraham (Goregaon E: St. Joseph),
Mr. Sanjay D’Souza (Goregaon E: St. Thomas),
Mr. Alex D’Souza ( Goregaon W:Rosary),
Mr. Clifford Nazareth ( Nativity),
Mr. Troy Monteiro(Assumption),
Mr. Simon Serrao (St. Jude),
Mr. Gladwyn Pinto (Lourdes)
Ms. Ruth Patel (St.Anthony),
Mr. William Angelo(Malwani),
Mr. Jackie Macwan ( Poinsur).


Section 7: Kurla Deanery
Mr. James Sequeira (Cheetah Camp),
Ms Mary Joseph(Chembur),
Mr. Cecil Pereira (Ghatkopar),
Ms. Flora D’souza (Jeri Meri),
Mr. Francis Fernandes (Kirol),
Mr. Joe Mendonca (Kurla :Holy Cross),
Ms. Bella Monteiro ( Kurla St. Joseph),
Ms. Laila D’Sa (Mankhurd), Mr. Navin Dias (Marouli),
Mr. William Lewis (Pestomsagar),
Mr. Leslie D’Souza (Saki Naka).


Section 8: Thane Deanery
Mr. Alton D’Souza (Ambarnath),
Mr. Thomas Noronha (Badlapur),
Mr. Edward Thomas (Dombivli),
Mr. Albert D’Mello (Kalwa),
Mr. Benedict Braganza (Kalyan W),
Ms. Florine D’Mello (Kanjur),
Mr. john D’Souza (Katemanavli),
Ms Joy Chozhiyath (Majiwada),
Mr. Ronald Tressler (Mulund),
Mr. Richard Alphonso(Mumbra),
Mr. Joseph E (Parksite),
Ms. Blossom Correa (Pokhran),
Mr. Oliver Andrade (Powai),
Mr. Paul Almeida (Tembipada),
Mr. Francis Vaz (Thane),
Ms. Rita D’Souza (Vikhroli) ,
Ms. Licodia D’Souza (Wagle estate)


Section 9: Bhayander Deanery
Mr. Joseph D’Souza(Bhayander E:),
Mr. Alston D’Mello(Bhayander W;),
Mr. Edwin Gonsalves(Dongri),
Mr. Johnson Saldanha(Mira Road),
Mr. Alphonso Dias (Kashmira),
Mr. Anthony Padu (Manori),
Ms. Rennie Chinchak (Uttan),
Mr. Vianny Gonsalves (Uttan Pali).


Section 10: Navi Mumbai Deanery
Mr. Stanley Santiago ( Airoli),
Mr. William (Belapur CBD),
Mr. Mathew John (Kharghar),
Ms. Sandra Lucas (Ghansoli),
Mr. Dominic Savio(Kalamboli),
Mr . Anthony Rodrigues(Khoparkhairane)
Mr.Felix Pereira(Nerul),
Mr. Palayam George Varghese (Panvel)
Mr. Richard D’Souza (Sanpada),
Mr. David Miranda (uran),
Mr. Peter Quadros (Vashi.)


Section 11: Raigad Deanery
Mr. Peter Roch (Korlai).

 b. Religious Priests

  • Fr. Gerard Rodricks S.J., 
  • Fr. Vincent Rasquinha Sdb, 
  • Fr. Gyaneshwar SSS.


c. Religious Sisters

  • Sr. Noella de Souza MCJ, 
  • Sr Caroline D’Souza FMA, 
  • Sr. Joeyanna D’Souza DSP,
  • Sr. Licia Puthuparambil SMI,
  • Sr. Margaret Terron FDCC,
  • Sr. Shankuntala SHM.


d. Religious Brother

Bro. Bartholomius K.


e. Deanery Priests

  • Fr. Samuel Rebeiro,
  • Fr. Warner Dsouza, 
  • Fr. Denis D’Souza.


  f. Lay Cells & Associations

  • Mr. Agnello Fernandes, 
  • Mr. John Lobo,
  • Mr. Bhisham Chandiramani,
  • Mr. Colin D’Souza
  • Sr. Christobel, 
  • Mr. Ignatius D’Souza,
  • Ms. Lorna D’Souza, 
  • Mr. Anand Castellino,
  • Mr. Oswald Beniz, 
  • Mr. Noel Palhia, 
  • Mr. Dawson Gomes ,
  • Mr. Mathew Quadros, 
  • Ms. Brita Quadros.



  • Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes (Co-Ordinator), 
  • Mr. Melwyn Sequeira, 
  • Ms. Bernadine Fernandes.

Priests' Council
President: Oswald Cardinal Gracias
 Fr. Harold Vaz
Vice Chairman: Fr. Felix D'souza
Secretary: Fr. Jervis D'souza

Oswald Cardinal Gracias
Bishop Agnelo R. Gracias
Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes
Bishop John Rodrigues
Msgr. William E. Nazareth
Fr. Caesar D’Mello
Fr. Felix D'souza
Fr. Harold Vaz
Fr. Allwyn D’Silva
Fr. Barthol S. Machado

Elected Ordination Groups: 
Fr. Bento Cardozo (Group A)
Fr. Vernon Aguiar (Group B)
Fr. Anthony Charangat (Group C)
Fr. Denis D'Souza  (Group D)
Fr. Aniceto Pereira (Group E)
Fr. Jude Ferreira (Group F)
Fr. Reuben Tellis (Group G)
Fr. Warner D'Souza (Group H)
Fr. Vincent Barboza (Group I)
Fr. Robin Fargose (Group J) 

Elected Deanery Representatives:
South Bombay: Fr. Jervis D'Souza, Fr. Vincent Vaz SJ
North Bombay
Bandra: Fr. Joe Eruppakkatt SSP, Fr. Clement de Lima
Central Suburbs: Fr. Vincent D'Mello, Fr. Neil Cerejo
Andheri: Fr. Simon D'Souza, Fr. Alban D'Souza
Borivli: Fr. Stephen Maria, Fr. Denzil Correia
Kurla: Fr. Francis Carvalho, Fr. Nitin D'Souza OFM Cap
Thane: Fr. Nasli Reporter, Fr. Godwin Fernandes
Bhayandar: Fr. Hilary Fernandes, Fr. Bonaventure Pereira
Navi Mumbai: Fr. Christopher Jeyakumar, Fr. Gonsalo Pereira
MSFS Raigad: Fr. Calistus Fernandes, Fr. Cosmos Ekka SVD

Nominated Members 


Fr. Anthony V. D'Souza, SJ
Fr. Bernard Rodrigues, SVD
Fr. Godfrey D'Sa, SDB
Fr. James William, SSP
Fr. Crispino D’Souza, SDB


Fr. Simon Borges
Fr. Richard Crasto 

Diocesan Estate Office


Eucharistic Congress Building I
2nd Floor, 5, Covent Street
Mumbai 400 001
Tel No: 2284-4292/2202-0964/ 2288-3832

Director : Fr. Richard Crasto

Assistant Directors : Fr. Joe D’Mello, Fr. Seraj Pinto

Mr. Santosh C.K.
Ms. Sulakshana Machado
Ms. Sunanda VAz.

Consultant: Mr. Paschal D’Souza

Assistant Administrator: Mr. Anthony Pinto

Office Attendant: Mr. Dinkar Thakare

Revenue Field Officer: Mr. Sachin Rodrigues

Office Hours
Monday- Friday: 9.00- 17.20 hrs.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Branch Office (for Bhayandar Deanery only) 

Tel No: 2819-2366
C/o Our Lady of Nazareth Church
Dt. Thane 401 101

Director: Fr. Richard Crasto

Assistant Director: Mr. Pascal D’Souza

Revenue Field Officer: Mr. Milton Pereira

Office Hours
Monday- Friday: 9.00-17.00 hrs.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

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